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Frederick Prete phd

​My father lost his sight progressively beginning when he was young. By the time he retired, he was completely blind. So, I grew up understanding the challenges faced by those with visual challenges.


I began teaching as a special education teacher at a school serving severely challenged children, many of whom had visual impairments.


I received my PhD in Biological Psychology from The University of Chicago (1992) where I did research on visual perception. I soon realized that what I was learning could be used to help visually impaired children like those with whom I worked years before.

Frederick Prete
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Speaking at Washington and Lee University, Lexington Virginia

Speaking in Rome Italy at Sapienza Università di Roma

From the Press

The Columbus Dispatch


“Prete figures that by learning how simple brains work in nature, scientists might learn how more complex nervous systems work - information that could help in the design of artificial optic systems for robots and people.”


Frontiers magazine

“In the long run, Prete feels, his finding will be instrumental in developing artificial seeing systems..."


Illinois Quarterly

"Prete hopes his efforts will one day help scientists develop an artificial eye and other prosthetic seeing devices for humans.”

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